Melvin Ayogu

Melvin Ayogu is concurrently Director of the Executive MBA program and a Visiting Professor of Economics at the School of Business Administration, American University of Sharjah; Fellow, Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA), Johannesburg, South Africa, and Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Previously, he was a Fellow, Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings Institution, Washington DC. His work focuses on governance, infrastructure, and economic development. Melvin was Director, Global Leadership Centre at Standard Bank Group South Africa. Previously Dean Faculty of Commerce University of Cape Town, Director, School of Economics and professor of economics at the University of Cape Town. He was also a Rhodes Visiting African Scholar to Oxford University in 1995, Visiting Scholar at the Centre for International Development and Senior Rockefeller Humanities Institute Fellow at Harvard University in 2000. Dr. Ayogu is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Financial Services, London and serves on the Advisory Board of

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Gordian knot: A panoramic perspective on stemming illicit financial flows from Africa

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2015

Pushing this strand of research brings a certain feeling of trepidation. It comes from recognizing that by openly elaborating on how to catch or deter a criminal, you thereby confer an undue advantage on the criminal through forewarning.

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Governance in Africa

Video | Oct 29, 2015

A combination of leeway within the government and constitutional immunity during incumbency enables office holders to abuse their budget at will, which in turn creates a crisis of growth in Africa, relative to other parts of the world.