Philosophy of economics and science; development economics; economics of happiness; public policy

Alexander is a postdoctoral research fellow at the London School of Economics. He is affiliated there with CPNSS’s research centre, while he also teaches at the University College London. His postdoc research focuses largely on questions of epistemology, the philosophy of science and the limitations of science. He has a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, a Master’s in Philosophy, as well as in Political Science, and a PhD in Development Economics.

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Reproducibility Crisis Reaches All Randomised Controlled Trials

Article | Jul 9, 2018

The social and medical sciences depend on randomised control trials – though they face more assumptions and biases than commonly thought.

The Scientific Limits of Understanding Complex Social Phenomena

Article | Dec 17, 2015

Since Aristotle the question about the potential relationship between economic inequality and democratic changes has been studied and debated – but scientifically our ability as researchers to assess and understand how such complex social phenomena may be related is much more limited than recognised.