Professor Dr Karl Aiginger is the director of the WIFO. He studied economics at the University of Vienna and Purdue University in Indiana, USA. He obtained the habilitation in 1984 with the book “Production Theory and Uncertainty”, published by Blackwell. He began his career at WIFO in 1970 as an economic researcher. For many years he was responsible for the background reports to the European Commission on the competitiveness of European industry. Professor Aiginger was also a visiting professor in the USA (Stanford University, MIT, and UCLA). He also teaches at the Vienna University of Economic and Business Administration. He is joint publisher of the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade (JICT).

He is the coordinator of the project “WWWforEurope– a new growth path for Europe” since April 2012 which the WIFO is undertaking together with 32 partners within the 7th Framework Programme of the EU.

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