Jeffrey L Spear is an Associate Professor of English at New York University where he teaches Victorian Studies, Victorian Literature, and Visual Culture. He is the author of Dreams of an English Eden: Ruskin and His Tradition in Social Criticism (Columbia UP, 1984), and has published essays on Victorian writers including Thomas Carlyle, Charles Dickens, William Morris, John Ruskin and Bram Stoker. He also writes on British India, most recently “Was She this Name: Law, Literature and the Devadasi” in The Letter of the Law: Literature, Justice and the Other eds. Dimakopoulou, Dokou and Efterpi (Lang 2013).

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America’s Chilling Experiment in Human Sacrifice

Article | May 14, 2020

John Ruskin helps shed light on what it means to have an economy that demands we die for it

What is Real Wealth?

Paper Conference paper | | Mar 2015

A Ruskinian framework for economic justice.