Dominique Plihon is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Economics of Paris-Nord University (France). He was in charge of a Master Program in Banking and Finance. He has been Dean of the Department of Economics from 1995 to 1997. Dominique Plihon graduated from Paris University ( M.A. in Economics and Political Science in 1969) and from the State University of New York at Albany (United States) (Ph. D. in economics in 1974). Dominique Plihon worked at the Banque de France (1974 – 1983) and at the Commissariat du Plan (1983 – 1988). He is now professor emeritus at Paris nord University. He was a member of the Council of Economic Analysis attached to the Prime Minister (2001 – 2004). Dominique Plihon has published in the fields of banking, international finance, European economics. Among his recent publications : « The banks , new strategies », a book published (in French) in 1998 by the Documentation Française. « Exchange rates », a book published (in French) by La Découverte (2012). “Central Banks and the financial crisis”, (Documentation Française, 2011).

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Central banks and distribution

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2015

Income and wealth inequality have been rising in the past three decades. Surprisingly, inequality has been largely ignored in the literature and practice of monetary policy. However, due to the crisis, this question has been gaining more attention.