Luke Deer

The emergence of alternative finance in China; money and finance in the political economy of China’s transition

Luke Deer is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney and a Research Associate with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Deer researches financial innovation in China with a focus on the role of alternative finance in China’s transition. He has conducted primary research on micro-lending in Zhejiang Province, in eastern China and he is the author of a forthcoming industry report on online peer-to-peer financing in China. He has published with Associate Professor Ligang Song on China’s macro payments “imbalances” and on China’s international financial adjustment pressures in the journal China and World Economy.

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China’s stock market crash reveals financial policy tensions

Article | Jul 24, 2015

The unprecedented intervention by China’s authorities to backstop China’s stock market reveals widening policy tensions in China’s leaderships financial reform agenda.