David N. Gibbs is professor of history at the University of Arizona, with a courtesy appointment in Africana Studies. He has published extensively on sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, and Afghanistan, as well as the United States. His previous books include First Do No Harm: Humanitarian Intervention and the Destruction of Yugoslavia (Vanderbilt, 2009); and The Political Economy of Third World Intervention: Mines, Money, and US Policy in the Congo Crisis (University of Chicago, 1991).” He is currently working on his fourth book, to be entitled: Guns, Butter, and the Politics of Permanent War: America at the End of the Cold War, 1986-2001.

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Oil and the Energy Crisis of the 1970s: A Reanalysis

Article | Jun 25, 2024

An excerpt from Revolt of the Rich: How the Politics of the 1970s Widened America’s Class Divide by David N. Gibbs, published by Columbia University Press (2024)