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Myths, Mix-ups and Mishandlings: What Caused the Eurozone Crisis?

Paper Conference paper | | Jul 2015

The Eurozone crisis has been wrongly interpreted as either a crisis of fiscal profligacy or of deteriorating unit-labour cost competitiveness (caused by rigid labour markets), or a combination of both.

Crisis and Recovery in the German Economy: The Real Lessons

Paper Working Paper Series | | Mar 2014

Owing to its strong dependence on exports, Germany was among the economies hit hardest by the financial crisis.

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Storm and Naastepad’s INET working paper was cited in LSE’s blog on wages in the Eurozone

News Apr 28, 2021

“Some authors argue that the German export success has nothing to do with wage or unit labour cost moderation and is instead due to the country’s high non-price competitiveness.” — Lucio Baccaro and Tobias Tober, LSE