Arthur Lewbel is a Professor of Economics at Boston College, in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA. He is the inaugural holder of the Barbara A. and Patrick E. Roche Chair in Economics at BC. He is a co-editor of Econometric Theory, a former co-editor of The Journal of Business and Economic Statistics and of Economics Letters, and has also served on the editorial boards of The Journal of Econometrics and The Journal of Applied Econometrics. He is an elected fellow of the Econometric Society, a fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, and has a Multa Scripsit award from Econometric Theory. He has repeatedly served on committees to determine winners of the Zellner and Aigner awards for best papers in the Journal of Econometrics, and on the American Statistical Association’s Zellner Thesis award committee.

Prof. Lewbel’s research is mainly in the areas of micro econometrics and in consumer demand analysis. He has published in all the top journals in economics and econometrics, including 10 Econometricas, 5 American Economic Reviews, 2 Journal of Political Economy’s, 4 Review of Economic Studies, 16 Journal of Econometrics, and has published in dozens of other journals including Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Quarterly Journal of Economics, even Conservation Biology and Scientific American. In a published study of over 55,000 economists (, he was ranked number 30 in the world, based on quality and quantity of publications.

Prof. Lewbel was the principal investigator on five National Science Foundation grants. He has been a consultant on econometric and microeconomic issues for The Brattle Group in Cambridge, MA, and has designed commercially sold educational computer software for the Macmillan publishing company and for Tom Snyder Productions.

Prof. Lewbel is a very highly rated teacher. His courses consistently get top ratings from students for quality of content and instruction (average rating last three years: 4.7 out of a possible 5).

Apart from economics, Prof. Lewbel has studied the theory and practice of juggling. He wrote a regular column for Jugglers World magazine, and coauthored “The Science of Juggling,” in Scientific American, November, 1995, vol. 273, #5, pp. 92-97. He has served as a director and judge of the International Juggler’s Association’s annual national juggling competitions, and can juggle up to eight balls.

Prof. Lewbel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Management Applied Economics from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to joining the Boston College faculty in 1998, he taught at Brandeis University, and was a visiting professor at Boston University and at the MIT Sloan School. He also designed computer games and educational software at Tom Snyder Productions, worked as a consulting economist at Data Resources, Inc., and as a computer programmer and systems designer for Data General Corp.

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Nonparametric Euler Equation Identication and Estimation

Paper Working paper | | Sep 2015

We consider nonparametric identification and estimation of pricing kernels, or equivalently of marginal utility functions up to scale, in consumption based asset pricing Euler equations. Ours is the first paper to prove nonparametric identification of Euler equations under low level conditions (without imposing functional restrictions or just assuming completeness).