Gianni Vaggi

Professor of Development Economics, University of Pavia.

1981, Ph.D. in economics of the University of Cambridge working with Maurice Dobb.

Teaching experiences

University of Padua, Genova, Insubria, Teaching at Bethlehem(Palestine), Cartagena, Kenyatta (Nairobi), Midwestern (Kathmandu), Vanderbilt (USA). Visiting Scholar at St. John’s College Cambridge.

Other academic activities

Former Deputy-Rector for International Relations of the University of Pavia.

Since 1997 Director of the Master Program in Cooperation and Development at Pavia.

Member of the Executive Committee of EADI, 2002-2008.

Vice-chairperson of the PEACE Programme, 2001-2008.

2006-2016, General Co-ordinator of six European and Italian programs in the field of academic cooperation, with special attention to the Middle East..

Major fields of research

Development economics, development finance, debt sustainability in developing countries.

History of economic thought. Classical political economy; Physiocracy and Adam Smith.


Eight books and more than 100 articles and papers.

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The road towards a decent society; lessons from classical political economy

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