Erkki Karo

Dr. Erkki Karo is a Research Fellow at the Chair of Public Management and Policy. He has received BA from the University of Tartu and PhD from the Tallinn University of Technology. He has also been a visiting PhD research student at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, University College London and University of Iceland. Previously he has worked at the University of Tartu. He teaches basic and introductory courses on public administration and public management both in the Technology Governance and public administration curricula. His research focuses on governance and public management of research and innovation policies in both developing and developed economies. He has worked on policy-related projects both for the local government and central government institutions in Estonia on different innovation policy issues (cluster policy, open innovation and innovation policy, innovation policy strategies and its’ governance). He is a co-organizer of the permanent study group on Public Administration, Technology & Innovation at the European Group for Public Administration ( Currently (until 2015) he is a principal researcher in the Research and Innovation Policy Monitoring Programme and coordinator of the ETF grant Institutions and economic development in East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Start-Up Governments, or Can Bureaucracies Innovate?

Article | Jan 4, 2016

For most economists and indeed for social scientists in general such a question induces shudders as already asking this seems wrong – aren’t governments more prone to failures than markets, and aren’t governments supposed to provide basic and stable institutions for markets to function?