Daniela Palma, graduated in 1989 in Statistics and Economics on issues of International Economics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She was a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis of the United States National Science Foundation at the University of California at Santa Barbara, working on a dissertation titled “Topological Transformations of Data in the Analysis of Spatial Socio-Economic Series” with which she obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematical and Statistical Economic Analysis of Social Phenomena (University of Rome” La Sapienza “, 1995). First researcher at Enea in the areas of the economy of innovation and development and analysis of environmental and economic sustainability, she is the author of several articles published in magazines and books both nationally and internationally. Since 1999 she has been coordinating the activities of the ENEA Observatory on Italy in the International Technological Competition.

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Why Research and Innovation Are Vital for Southern European Economies—and Eurozone Survival

Article | Dec 11, 2017

Austerity measures have battered the region and created instability throughout the Eurozone. Here’s one way out of the mess.