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​Jeronim Capaldo

Jeronim Capaldo is a Research Fellow with GDAE’s Globalization and Sustainable Development Program. His current research focuses on international policy coordination in global macroeconomic models.

Before joining GDAE he was a member of the modeling and forecasting team at UNDESA, where he was responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean and for the analysis of global employment. Previously, at FAO he analyzed the economic effects of climate change in Africa and Central America. Jeronim earned a Laurea cum laude in economics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and is currently a PhD candidate in economics at the New School for Social Research. His current research focuses on global macroeconomic models applied to trade and fiscal policy.

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Who Says Labor Laws Are “Luxuries”?

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The World Bank and IMF say developing economies can’t afford to have strong labor laws. Actually, they can’t afford not to.

Labor Institutions and Development Under Globalization

Paper Working Paper Series | | Jun 2018

Labor market regulation is a controversial area of public policy in both developed and developing countries.