Why We Need Solidarity Economics

Economists have gone to great lengths to write humans out of economics, pushing self-interest and generally providing two choices—faith in markets or the state.

From the collection: Learn Economics at Home


From the collection Learn Economics at Home

INET grantee and University of Southern California Sociologist Manuel Pastor argues that we need to change the conversation and put people first. His research shows that rebuilding the bonds between people universally leads to better outcomes for health, society, and the environment.

Solidarity-at-Scale: Building Our 21st Century (California) Economy

Solidarity Economics—for the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond

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What is Solidarity Econonomics?

The Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at the University of Southern California and the Institute for Social Transformation at UC Santa Cruz have created a joint project called Solidarity-at-Scale. This project draws on researchers, organizers, stakeholders, and policymakers to provide a vision for our economy; to identify opportunities, eliminate barriers, and promote new narratives to build a more inclusive economy.

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