Two Hundred Years of Politics and High Finance


Marcello de Cecco is one of the world’s most distinguished economic historians. His The International Gold Standard: Money and Empire (2nd ed; New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1984) is a classic, but he is also the author of many articles and other books. The article on the Eurozone crisis below is vintage de Cecco in its deft use of economic history to illuminate contemporary economic facts and controversies. The Institute for New Economic Thinking is pleased to present it here, but we are even more delighted to make public several hours of videos Professor de Cecco made with the Institute’s Director of Research Thomas Ferguson in Milan in the summer of 2014. These videos cover not only Dr. de Cecco’s seminal research on the international gold standard, but his views on the international monetary system between the wars, the formation of the Bretton Woods system, and its breakdown – all topics on which Dr. de Cecco has written copiously. The videos also treat many topics less frequently discussed in the Anglo-Saxon literature, including French and Italian economic history.

The International Monetary System During and After the First World War

The Great Depression and the International Monetary System

Bretton Woods and After: The Breakup of the Post World War II Monetary Order

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