Economics’ Race Problem: A Video Playlist

In this series, scholars and activists challenge economic orthodoxy by showing how race functions as an arbiter of access to power, privilege, and wealth.


A Moral Challenge to Economists

Nov 11, 2016

In his keynote address to our #EconOfRace conference in Detroit, Rev. Dr. William Barber III issued a blistering critique of structural inequality in the United States, and urged economists to recognize their responsibility to the poor.


Racist Violence and Economic Activity

Jan 5, 2017

Riots, lynchings and other forms of violence dramatically disproportionate impact on the lives and prospects of African inventors. That’s just one indicator, says Professor Lisa Cook, of the profound impact of racial violence on the economic structure


What the ‘Dual Economy’ Model Reveals About Today’s America

Jan 30, 2017

Professor Temin sees the US economy as bifurcated along lines analogous to the situation described in developing world economies by W. Arthur Lewis.