Survey Bias May Underestimate Unemployment, Particularly Among Young Black Men

With Julie Yixia Cai, Dean Baker, William Spriggs, and John Schmitt. Moderated by INET’s Thomas Ferguson

Apr 8, 2021 | 11:00 – 12:00 Download .ics


Join us for this lively and timely presentation, followed by Q&A.

Economists Julie Yixia Cai and Dean Baker present their new study showing how the high and rising non-response rate in the Current Population Survey (CPS) may underestimate unemployment for less advantaged workers, particularly young Black men. The CPS is the underlying source of many official labor market statistics, as well as income and poverty measures, and health insurance coverage.

As discussants, economists John Schmitt and William Spriggs will explore the impact of bias in the CPS, data equity, and its implications for US labor policy.


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