Labor Market Volatility Today: From Understanding Volatility to Reducing Financial Insecurity

Jan 18, 2024 | 13:00 – 14:15 Download .ics


An expert panel will discuss the latest research on the experiences of workers facing volatility of their time and income, how this volatility impacts their financial outcomes over time, ways current policies help or hinder workers cope with labor market volatility, and other possibilities for change.

Large numbers of American households feel financially insecure because their incomes vary month to month, quarter to quarter, over the course of a year. Such economic volatility is linked to adverse health outcomes, and financial, housing, and food insecurity. It can impact children who grow up in these families, including being vulnerable to falling into poverty or suffering from other unmet needs.

Over two-thirds of individuals experiencing unstable incomes did so as a result of either irregular work schedules or periods of unemployment. Yet, most of these individuals report that they would prefer a stable but low income to a somewhat greater overall income with poor job or work hours security.

Moderator: Pia Malaney, Associate Director of Research, Institute for New Economic Thinking

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  • Julie Yixia Cai

    Economist, Center for Economic and Policy Research

  • Daniel Schneider

    Malcolm Wiener Professor of Social Policy and Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

  • Peter Ganong

    ​Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Chicago Harris School