Debt Talks Episode 6 | Who’s Afraid of European Banks?

with Martin Arnold, Elena Carletti and Richard Vague; moderated by Thomas Fricke and Moritz Schularick

Feb 23, 2021 | 12:00 – 13:00 Download .ics


Does the COVID recession still have the potential to turn into a broader financial meltdown?

Debt Talks is an INET webinar series that brings together diverse voices to discuss one of the most pressing economic issue of our times: the surge in indebtedness. We host prominent thinkers, economists, historians, sociologists, journalists and finance professionals to talk about the rise of debt, the financial system, and their economic, social, and political dimensions. Each installment features a lively panel presentation followed by Q&A.

The world economy entered the COVID-19 pandemic with record debt levels. Since the global financial crisis, private and public debts have grown to more than $250 trillion, about three times global GDP. With the current crisis, global debt will surge even further. This has deep implications for the way our economies, societies, and politics work. In this episode, we will explore the current situation and the outlook for European banks in and after the pandemic, default risks and potential losses in loan and bond markets and the effects of an overhang of debt on corporate balance sheets and future investments.

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