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Call for Participants at the Festival for New Economic Thinking - “Alternative Theories of Economic Development”

The Economic Development Working Group is calling for workshop participants and debate contestants on the topic of  “Alternative Theories of Economic Development”.

Call for Workshop Participants

The Workshop is largely based on the recently published book, Alternative Theories of Economic Development, edited by Erik S. Reinert, Jayati Ghosh and Rainer Kattel. Erik S. Reinert will be present to lead the workshop. In the spirit of rethinking economics and promoting new economic thinking, the Economic Development Working Group is tasked with the critical exploration of diverse traditions in Development Economics. This workshop is part of that exploratory process.

The workshop explores the theories and approaches, which, over a prolonged period of time, have existed as viable alternatives to today’s mainstream and neoclassical tenets. The workshop will bring together both experienced and early career researchers to explore alternative theories through two interactive sessions of 90 minutes each. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience through constructive dialogue.

In order to attend, participants should adhere and make note of the following:

  1. Admission is based on a cover letter of maximum 300 words documenting how the workshop would advance the candidate’s research agenda. Successful applicants would demonstrate their interest in alternative theories of economic development and how their individual research can advance the agenda of building alternative canons.
  2. Participants are expected to attend both sessions of the workshop.

  3. Participants must be early career researchers, PhD or MA students, with a maximum of 5 years post-PhD research experience.

Call for Debate Contestants

The YSI Economic Development group encourages theoretical and methodological pluralism among its members. To illustrate how one question can be analyzed from many different angles, we are organizing a debate competition in which each contestant will have to argue from one specific theoretical tradition. Examples of theoretical traditions are Neoclassical Economics, Institutional Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Austrian Economics, Classical Economics, Marxian Economics, Structuralist Economics, New-Keynesian Economics, and all the neo-traditions (Neo-Kaleckian, Neo-Marxian, New Structural Economics, New Trade Theory etc).

To apply to be a contestant, please submit a CV and a cover letter with the following information:

  1. Which theoretical tradition(s) are you comfortable being assigned. Explain how you have become familiar with this/these tradition(s).

  2. Choose one theoretical tradition from (1) and present a) what the factors driving economic development are within this framework, and b) 3-4 arguments you would employ to show why these identified factors are crucial drivers of economic development. Arguments can, for example, be in the form of theoretical analysis, historical examples, or references to empirical findings.  

  3. Your experience with public speaking and/or debating.

Click here to apply through the registration form. We strongly encourage scholars to apply to both calls!

Should you have any questions about the workshop or the debate competition, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at development@youngscholarsinitiative.org.