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Call for Abstracts “Opportunities and Challenges facing Contemporary South Asian Economic Development”, Festival for New Economic Thinking

The Working Group on South Asia invites you to submit your work in the following Call for Abstracts. 

The South Asian region presents a study in contrasts. On one hand is the relative success story with impressive growth rates over last decade and a half , relative resilience in face of external crisis and volatility in internal markets and a buoyancy of export and services led growth in large parts of the subcontinent. On the other hand, the region is still haunted by endemic hunger and poverty, underemployment , rising informality and discrimination in  its labour markets, recurrent agrarian crisis and challenges of rural urban  distress migration. Looming large on the horizon is an energy and environmental resource crisis. It also faces considerable challenges of regional economic integration despite repeated attempts to form common regional markets in goods and services.  In this context, papers are invited on any of the following themes exploring these contemporary challenges and opportunities and their inter relationships:  

  • Issues in Economic development, with special focus on South Asia.

  • Macroeconomic theory and policy relevant for the South Asian region.

  • Trade and economic integration (including monetary and financial integration) in the South Asian  region.

  • Banking and financial institutions in South Asia

  • Informality and Labour Market

  • Macroeconomic Policies and Employment

  • Technological Change and Employment

  • Economic policies and governance, legislative reform and economics with special emphasis on the institutional framework in the South Asian region.

  • Issues in Environmental and Energy economics with a special focus on South Asia.

  • South Asia in contemporary global economy: prospects and challenges.

Submissions ought to be original work. Please click here to submit your abstract.