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Call for Abstracts “The economic consequences of austerity: current evidence and future perspectives”

The Keynesian Economics Working Group invites scholars to submit their contributions.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse in the U.S. followed by the Eurozone crisis, some of the world’s major economies have entered a vicious cycle of slow growth, declining tax revenues and rising public debt. In this context, discussions on fiscal adjustment have gained importance in the debate amongst scholars from different academic circles and policymakers across the globe.

However, almost a decade after the onset of the Great Recession, the world economy keeps struggling to overcome secular stagnation, increasing inequality and social-political instability. In this vein, the Keynesian Economics Working Group seeks to encourage the debate and exchange of ideas on the economic and political consequences of austerity from a Keynesian perspective and hence illuminate possible alternatives aimed at promoting fast economic recovery accompanied by declining inequality and well-being improvement strategies.

The working group encourages submissions in the following areas:

  1. Fiscal and monetary policies

  2. Growth and inequality

  3. Financial instability

  4. International trade and finance

  5. New approaches to modelling

All submissions ought to be original work. Please click here to submit your abstract.