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2016 Program Online Seminar in History of Economic Thought and Philosophy of Economics

The INET Young Scholar Online Seminar in History of Economic Thought and Philosophy of Economics is a monthly webinar held by the YSI History of Economic Thought Working Group. Each session is thematic and consists of presentations by two young scholars followed by discussions by senior scholars and a general discussion.

You can view the event pages of individual sessions, including abstracts and papers, by clicking on the session titles.

Thu 28th of January 17h UTC

Wicksellian Monetary Theory and Contemporary Economics

Isabel Rodríguez Peña, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Re-Interpretation of Wicksell’s Monetary Theory in an Intertemporal Equilibrium Model. Discussion of the Notion of a Monetary Equilibrium

Discussant: Hans-Michael Trautwein, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Dirk Ehnts, Bard College Berlin

From Wicksell to Le Bourva to Modern Monetary Theory: A Wicksell Connection

Discussant: Marc Lavoie, University of Ottawa

Wed 17th of February 16h UTC

Ethics and Morality in Early-20th Century Economic Thought

Danielle Guizzo, University of the West of England (Visiting Research Fellow)

Ethics beyond Moral in Economic Thought: Some Lessons from J. M. Keynes

Discussant: David Andrews, New York State University at Oswego

Erwin Dekker, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam / George Mason University

The Return of Morality to Economics in the Wake of WWII

Discussant: Harald Hagemann, Universität Hohenheim

Thu 17th of March 16h UTC

Old Institutionalism and Anglo-American Economic History

Denilson Beal, Universidade Federal do Paraná

Institutional Economics and Communitarian Philosophy on the Discontent of American Farmers in the Late Nineteenth-Century

Discussant: Anne Mayhew, University of Tennessee (Professor Emerita)

Aqdas Afzal, University of Missouri - Kansas City

What Does the Glorious Revolution Really Tell Us About Economic Institutions?

Discussant: Geoffrey Hodgson, University of Hertfordshire

Wed 20th of April 16h UTC

The Influence of Mechanics and Cybernetics on 20th Century Economics

Gabriel Oliva, Universidade de São Paulo

The Road to Servomechanisms: The Influence of Cybernetics on Hayek, from the Sensory Order to the Social Order

Discussant: Jack Birner, Università degli Studi di Trento

Mark Kirstein, Technische Universität Dresden

From the Ergodic Hypothesis in Physics to the Ergodic Axiom in Economics

Discussant: J. Barkley Rosser, James Madison University

Thu 19th of May 16h UTC

Economic Institutions and the “Scientification” of Economics in the Mid-20th Century: US and France

Alexander Arnold, New York University

Beyond Physics Envy? Thinking Through the Relationship Between Economics and the Natural Sciences in Postwar France

Discussant: Richard Arena, Université de Nice Sofia-Antipolis

Camila Orozco Espinel, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

How Walras Made Room in the United States: Econometric Society and Cowles Commission Demarcation from Institutionalism (1930-1960)

Discussant: Tiago Mata, University College London

Wed 15th of June 16h UTC

Economic Development and the Boundaries of Economics

Luke Messac, University of Pennsylvania

What is an Economy? Debating Production Boundaries and Women’s Work in African National Income Accounting

Discussant: Gerardo Serra, University of Sussex

Maria Dahl, King’s College London

A Western Idea of Development: What shaped the idea of development in Indian Political Economy, 1870-1914

Discussant: Manu Goswami, New York University