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History of Economic Thought Working Group: Call for Abstracts

The History of Economic Thought Working Group is calling for abstracts to the 2016 YSI Plenary

This 19-22 October 2016 the Young Scholars Initiative will hold its first Plenary Conference at the Central European University in Budapest.

The Young Scholars Initiative was launched at the 2012 INET conference in Berlin as an international network of young scholars critical about the state of economics today, in order to work together at building new research agendas and setting new directions for the discipline. It is a growing community composed as of today of more than twenty thematic working groups, which are each individually organising seminars and activities both online and at different locations around the world.

History of Economic Thought, Philosophy of Economics and methodological concerns have been high up on the agenda since the inception of the movement, it being understood that for new economic thinking to emerge, old economic thinking needs to be better known and understood, and that the disconnection of economics from the rest of the social sciences and from the real world is closely intertwined with a neglect of its own history.

The Plenary in Budapest will for the first time bring together all working groups for a joint event, comprising both individual working group meetings (parallel sessions) and common session. Confirmed invited speakers include Adair Turner, Sanjay Reddy, Zoltan Pozsar, Arturo O’Connell, Julie Nelson, Daniel Neilson, Perry Mehrling, Rick McGahey, Tiago Mata, Marc Lavoie, Stephen Kinsella, Geoffrey Hodgson, Doyne Farmer, Gary Dymski, Orsola Costantini and Beatrice Cherrier.

The history of economic thought working group invites submissions of abstracts or full papers for the History of Economic Thought Working Group. Travel support is available for selected young scholars, based on need and merit.

To participate by sending a full original paper you will have to send your abstract by August 1st , 2016.

Submit your abstract here