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Call for Quotes, Festival for New Economic Thinking

Have you ever come across a quote in your research that makes everything else make sense? Did a particular quote ever embody the essence of your research project? In other words, have you found a quote or a short passage that gave you the ‘nugget’ that told you an important part of the story?

We are looking for young scholars in history of economics, economic thought or any related field to display a significant quote from their primary material and discuss what role the quote plays in their research, and what potential impact it had or has on our knowledge of the discipline of economics and the economic system.

Please submit your quote and add a  description within the comment section (300-500 words) explaining why this quote is significant to your research. The text should answer questions such as:

  • How does this quote illuminate your research question(s)?
  • What impact do you think the meaning (or even misreading or ignorance) of this quote has had on the relevant discipline, public opinion and/or policymaking?
  • Does it apply to the contemporary political and socio-economic climate?; If so, how?

Please click here to submit the quote.