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Spanning centuries, this website concentrates information and resources on the history of economic thought for students, researchers and all those who are interested in learning about economics from a historical perspective.

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History of Economic Thought WebsiteThe History of Economic Thought (HET) Website was created and written by myself (Gonçalo L. Fonseca) in a burst of youthful energy many years ago. It was for a long time hosted on a faculty server at the Department of Economics of the New School for Social Research, and later moved to its own server.

With the support of the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET) since 2014, the HET website has been revised, revamped and expanded. The new HET Website is now re-launched at www.hetwebsite.net

The HET website it not an online textbook nor a reference encyclopedia. It is a “link tank”, pointing students and researchers to online resources on economic theory, organized in a manner that is both accessible and educational.

The material is organized through three main navigation channels:

  1. Alphabetical Index of individual economist profiles
  2. Schools of Thought
  3. Essays and Surveys on specific economic topics

The new HET website currently has over 1,000 economist profiles, 100 schools of thought and some 50+ surveys of topics with links to tens of thousands of online books and articles.

This is an on-going project. The HET website is constantly being revised and new content is added regularly.

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