CALL FOR PAPERS: Law, Economics & Public Policy

The National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) in collaboration with the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET) are organising India’s first “Law Economic Policy Conference (LPEC 2016)”. The aim is to bring together economic, legal and policy thinkers together to consider policy issues in a holistic manner.

The aim is to bring together economic, legal and policy thinkers together to consider policy issues in a holistic manner. Normative questions and public administration challenges both, are increas- ingly sought via interdisciplinary approaches across law, economics and public policy. While the Indian state has broadly articulated its e ciency enhancing intention to transition to a regulatory state, its attempts have been inhibited due to its inability to identify precise legal issues and to articulate a sound policy for remedying them. At the same time, mere policy articulation without sound economic and legal basis is just ideology. An interdisciplinary approach involves iden- tifying the relevant public policy problems using tools of economics to analyse the problem and nally creating appropriate laws. Indian scholarship combining these approaches is however still in its ascendancy. is conference attempts to bring practitioners and academics from all the three elds on the same platform and encourage interactions. The two-day conference will provide a unique opportunity to start developing the full cycle from economic thinking to legal change.

We invite high quality papers combining law, economics and public policy on issues related to India. We are expecting papers that raise clear and crisp policy questions and provide concrete and innovative solutions to the problems raised.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to


  • Judicial processes
  • Interaction of law with economics
  • Legislations, including subordinate legislation
  • Public institutions and design


  • Health, environment, business
  • Firm behavior
  • Finance


  • Environment, Health, Gender
  • Business, Trade, Finance
  • Law, Judiciary

Submit first draft paper (5000 words max) by Aug 21, 2016

Interested discussants must apply by Aug 31, 2016

The submissions will be screened by an eminent steering committee. The authors of the selected papers would be invited to present in the conference. Each author would be given 30 minutes where 20 minutes would be for presenting the paper and 10 minutes would be reserved for questions from the attendees.

Participation in the conference is free. The travel and accomodation expenses of the selected authors will be borne by NIPFP.

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