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How the Planned Perversion of Democracy generated accelerating inequalities

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What is at stake : Increasing doubt over the virtue of democracy.

One cannot doubt the ubiquitous lack of confidence and hope in the so-called democratic institutions by a large majority of the people. The fundamental cause is the blatant contradiction between the principle of democracy, promoting the rule and thereby the welfare of the people, and the indomitable tendency of rising and unsustainable inequality in terms of income, standard of living and wealth.

All studies display the same dire outcome : a concentration of income and wealth in a tiny minority, a genuine ruling class, the famous one percent worth of the predators barons of the golden age, and even for Europe, of the pre-revolution era. What is at stakes is to understand the paramount failure of political institutions to meet the essentia of democracy. It could be the road to genuine reforms preventing a disaster caused by the sheer rejection of democratic institutions bringing misery without hope of a better future

It is significant that in Europe, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, old high nobility families are still in the 1%. In UK, more than half of the billionaires are from the high nobility. In France, for a very long time, the Orleans family, the former royal family, was the wealthiest one until the death of the last pretender; the Count of Paris.

True ones of course. One of the most outrageous of feature of modern terms is to call “reforms” what are genuine “counter-reforms”.