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Tony Karon

Tony Karon is the Vice President of Communications at the Institute. He joined the organization after three years at Al Jazeera America, where he was the Senior Vice President for Digital media and editorial director of the network’s digital news platforms. Before that, he spent 15 years at TIME magazine, where he was a senior editor and covered geopolitics and conflicts across all five continents. He studied at the University of Cape Town in his native South Africa, where he graduated with honors in Economic History. After moving to New York in late 1993, he worked for a number of magazines and British TV programs, spent a year at George and then Fox News before joining TIME. He also teaches, as an adjunct professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School, in New York.

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Should the state be doing more to fix the economy?

Article | May 13, 2016

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When Economists Attack

Article | Apr 20, 2016

How Gerald Friedman’s assessment of Bernie Sanders economic proposals prompted a rare public political spat among economists.

Can ‘matching markets’ concept help Europe manage its refugee crisis?

Article | Apr 11, 2016

European Union countries are facing an epic challenge of integrating more than 1 million refugees from conflict zones in the Middle East and beyond.

In EU budget debates, ‘technocratic’ veil hides political choices

Article | Apr 8, 2016

As the European Union Commission readies itself for a new round of budgetary recommendations, INET senior economist Orsola Costantini warns that that the debate over how those harsh fiscal constraints are to be determined is based on a formula that masks political choices as technocratic imperatives.