Sanjukta Paul is Assistant Professor of Law at Wayne State University and Fellow of the Thurman Arnold Project at Yale University. She has written widely for both academic and broader audiences on antitrust and labor regulation. Her first paper won the Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund Award for the best antitrust scholarship of 2016 (category prize); more recent scholarship has appeared in the UCLA Law Review, Law & Contemporary Problems, the Berkeley Journal of Employment & Labor Law, and the Cambridge Handbook of U.S. Labor Law for the Twenty-First Century. She is currently writing a book called Solidarity in the Shadow of Antitrust, under contract with Cambridge University Press, which reinterprets key aspects of the development of antitrust law from the perspective of working people, from legislative history through the present, using the analytical framework developed in her recent paper. Prior to entering academics, she was a litigator for several years, representing workers and civil rights plaintiffs in a variety of cases. She received her JD from Yale Law School, an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh, and a B.A. with honors in philosophy from the University of Iowa.