Richard McGregor is a journalist and author based in Washington. Born in Sydney, Australia, he started his career at the Glebe & Western Weekly and Australian Associated Press before joining the Sydney Morning Herald. He has worked for most of the last two decades in north Asia, in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China, first for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The Australian newspaper.

In 2000, he was appointed as the Shanghai bureau chief for the Financial Times, and in 2005, as the China bureau chief. In 2009, he was appointed as deputy news editor of the Financial Times, based in London. In January 2011, he took over as the Washington bureau chief for the paper. Mr McGregor has also reported for the BBC, the International Herald Tribune and the Far Eastern Economic Review and is the recipient of a numerous Asian regional awards for his reporting.

Mr McGregor is the author of two books, ‘Japan Swings: Politics, Culture and Sex in the new Japan’, published in 1996, and most recently: ‘The Party: The Secret Life of China’s Communist Rulers’, described by The Economist as a “masterful depiction” of the Chinese political system.