PAVLINA R. TCHERNEVA is Associate Professor of Economics at Bard College and Research Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute. She specializes in Modern Monetary Theory and public policy.

Her book The Case for a Job Guarantee (2020) is a timely guide to the benefits of one of the most transformative public policies being discussed today. Tcherneva’s research on the Job Guarantee has informed the proposals of several members of Congress, including that of the Green New Deal resolution. Her early work assessed Argentina’s adoption of a large-scale job creation proposal she had developed with colleagues in the United States. She also worked with the Sanders 2016 Presidential campaign after her research on inequality had garnered national attention.

Tcherneva frequently speaks at Central Banks on Modern Monetary Theory and macro-economic stabilization policies and her work is regularly featured in the media, including NPR, BBC, The New Yorker, Bloomberg, CNN, New York Times, WSJ, and other.

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Bottom Up Fiscal Policy: Direct Employment of the Unemployed

Video | Dec 11, 2011

To cure unemployment, mostly we prime the pump: we devise fiscal strategies on the presumption that jobs follow economic growth. But the strategies have not worked, unemployment remains high.