Joyce P. Jacobsen is Andrews Professor of Economics at Wesleyan University. She has published mainly in the area of labor economics, including articles on sex segregation, migration, and the effects of labor force intermittency on women’s earnings, and also on the economics of wine and other collectibles. She is the author of The Economics of Gender (Blackwell, 3rd edition, 2007), coauthor (with Gil Skillman) of Labor Markets and Employment Relationships (Blackwell, 2004), and coeditor (with Adam Zeller) of Queer Economics: A Reader (Routledge, 2007). She has degrees in economics from Harvard, LSE, and Stanford. She has been a visiting professor at Harvard, Northwestern, and University of Groningen, and taught at Rhodes College before coming to Wesleyan. She has consulted for the World Bank and other nonprofit organizations as well as doing litigation consulting. She served as editor of Eastern Economic Journal (2005-10) and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Eastern Economic Association and the International Association for Feminist Economics.