Huntley Schaller is a professor of economics at Carleton University. His research has focused primarily on the interaction between the real and financial sides of the economy, including work on investment, asset prices, the stock market, learning, financial market imperfections, monetary policy, the capital stock, corporate governance, inventories, acquisitions, bubbles, and the effect of taxes. His work has been published in leading journals in economics and finance, including the American Economic Review, Journal of Monetary Economics, and Journal of Financial Economics. His papers have been presented at the World Congress of the Econometric Society, American Economic Association, Econometric Society (Summer and Winter North American Meetings and European Meetings), National Bureau of Economic Research (Asset Pricing, Behavioral Economics, Capital Markets and the Economy, Macroeconomics and Individual Decision Making, and Monetary Economics working groups), Canadian Economics Association, Canadian Econometric Study Group, Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group, MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, H.E.C. (Paris and Montreal), the Federal Reserve System (Board of Governors and various regional Federal Reserve Banks), and the Bank of Canada, among others. He has taught in the Ph.D. macroeconomics and monetary economics sequences at Princeton University (1994-95), taught and served as a visiting professor at MIT (2002-03), served as a visiting professor at Princeton University (2008-09), served as a visiting scholar at Harvard University (2009), and taught and served as a visiting professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Vienna). He received his Ph.D. from MIT.