Gillian Tett

Gillian Tett is chair of the editorial board and editor-at-large, US of the Financial Times. She writes weekly columns, covering a range of economic, financial, political and social issues.

In 2014, she was named Columnist of the Year in the British Press Awards and was the first recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute Marsh Award. In June 2009 her book Fool’s Gold won Financial Book of the Year at the inaugural Spear’s Book Awards.

Tett’s past roles at the FT have included US managing editor, assistant editor, capital markets editor, deputy editor of the Lex column, Tokyo bureau chief, and a reporter in Russia and Brussels.

Featuring this expert

The Future of Work | Who’s Not Afraid of Robots? A Comparison of National Models

moderated by Gillian Tett with Richard Baldwin, Leif Pagrotsky

Event Webinar | Nov 10, 2020

Some nations have embraced new technologies, while others seem ill-prepared. What accounts for this difference?

Europe’s Hamiltonian Moment...or the Beginning of the End?

11:30am EDT / 5:30pm CET

Event Webinar | May 20, 2020

A webinar panel discussion, moderated by Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor of the Financial Times, with Laurence Boone, OECD Chief Economist, Moritz Schularick, INET Research Fellow, and Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute at Columbia University.