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Economics and Politics

Article | Aug 2, 2011

Economics and politics go hand in hand, we all know that.

The government and the market

Article | Jul 11, 2011

Mention the government and the market and all academic reflection and civilized discussion dissolves into heated monologues. Politicians are an extreme case.

Was Adam Smith a communist?

Article | Jun 22, 2011

In his two-tome, 1400 page Dutch Leerboek der Staathuishoudkunde (Textbook of Economics), first published in 1884, Nicolaas Pierson (1839 - 1909) accuses the great Scotsman of being a communist – or at least of consciously clearing the way for the socialists with their ideal of a communist society.


Article | Jun 21, 2011

The financial and economic crises started by the fall of Lehman Borthers came as a big shock, a financial shock, an economic shock, a psychological shock, and a political shock among others.