Dr. Bo Lidegaard (born 1958) was appointed in 2011 to become Executive Editor-in-Chief of Politiken, the leading Danish daily newspaper. Previously, Dr. Lidegaard has worked as a diplomat, as an advisor to succeeding Danish prime ministers and as a researcher. He has published a number of rewarded volumes on contemporary history and international affairs.

Shortly before he joined Politiken, Dr. Lidegaard left the cabinet of the Danish Prime Minister where he served 2005-2011 as Permanent Under-Secretary of State with responsibilities corresponding to those of a National Security Advisor. From 2007 he headed the team preparing The United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December 2009. Working closely with the Prime Minister he was deeply involved with international negotiations on climate change and low carbon development strategies and he remains engaged in international efforts to accelerate the transition to low carbon economies.

Before joining the Prime Ministers Office, Dr. Lidegaard worked with the Foreign Service. In the late 1980’ies he was posted to the Danish UN mission in Geneva and after a posting to Paris in the late 1990’ies he was in 2003 appointed Head of the Middle East and North Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alongside with his career as a civil servant, Bo Lidegaard has pursued academic research on contemporary history, publishing in 1996 his doctoral thesis, Defiant Diplomacy (English language edition 2003) on American-Danish relations during WWII and the early cold war. Since then Dr. Lidegaard has published a number of books establishing him as one of the most read Danish historians. His major works focus on the Danish response to totalitarian ideologies in the 20th century and on the interrelationship between internal welfare and external security. He recently published A Short History of Denmark in the 20th Century introducing the particularities of his native country to an English language audience.