Tamon Asonuma

Tamon Asonuma is an Economist in the Strategy Policy and Review Department of the IMF. Since joining the IMF on September 2010, he has spent most of times in Research Department and Strategy Policy and Review Department. During his time in the Strategy Review and Policy Department, he has contributed to series of the IMF Policy Papers on sovereign debt restructurings and IMF lending, and sovereign-bank linkages, and involving in many debt restructuring cases (Greece, Myanmar, Belize, Cyprus, Grenada) as an expert. In Research Department, he has worked on research papers on costs of sovereign debt restructurings, fiscal policy, sovereign debt overhang, maturity and haircut structure of sovereign debt, and banking crises. He holds a PhD in Economics from Boston University and his research interests are in macroeconomics, international finance, and public finance. He is particularly interested in sovereign debt and financial crises, and exchange rate regime. He has published in several academic journals, among which the Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Asian Economics, Review of Development Economics, Asian Development Review.