Shivani Nayyar

Shivani Nayyar is an economist. Her main interests include Behavioral Economics, Development Microeconomics, and policies and implementation.

Shivani grew up in Rajasthan, India. After completing her Ph.D. in Economics in 2009 from Princeton University, she has been working with UNDP. Prior to that she has also taught Economics at Princeton University and Vassar College. At HDRO since 2012, her work involves quantitative and qualitative research on different topics of the human development reports, including crises and their impacts, globalization, technology and automation, the environment and climate change. She has also written publications and presented research on food security, health, learning, and gender issues.

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The Future of Work | Is This Time Different? Data, Artificial Intelligence & Robots

with Jed Kolko, Shivani Nayyar and Siddharth Suri; moderated by Rob Johnson

Event Webinar | Oct 6, 2020

Are there aspects of modern technology, made possible by unprecedented computing power and connectivity, that make them distinctively different from previous eras? If so, what are the implications?