Sarah-Jayne Clifton

Sarah-Jayne Clifton is Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign, a UK-based charity working to tackle poverty and inequality caused by unjust debt through research, education, and campaigning. Previously she worked as Climate Justice and Energy Coordinator at Friends of the Earth International, and Corporate Accountability Campaigner with Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland. She is a founding Trustee of the UK NGO Tax Justice UK, and also serves on the board of the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International UK.

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Debt Talks Episode 5 | Developing Country Debt: What's Next?

with Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Mitu Gulati, and Philippa Sigl-Glöckner; moderated by Moritz Schularick

Event Webinar | Hosted by Private Debt | Dec 8, 2020

Can developing countries cope with high debt levels? How dire is the situation? Has the policy response been adequate? And what’s the situation in private external debt, and what should be done about private creditors? This edition of Debt Talks will discuss the situation in developing country debt during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.