Sara Stevano

Sara Stevano is a Lecturer in the Department of Economics. She is a development and feminist political economist specialising in the study of the political economy of work, well-being (food and nutrition), households and development policy. Working at the intersections between political economy, development economics, feminist economics and anthropology, Sara takes an interdisciplinary approach to theories and methods. Her work focuses on Africa, with primary research experience in Mozambique and Ghana.

Sara is an Associate Editor for the Review of Social Economy; she is currently a Co-Investigator on the ESCR Rebuilding Macroeconomics project on ‘Opening the Black-Box of the Household in Macroeconomic Policy’ and is working on a textbook on Feminist Political Economy: A Global Perspective in collaboration with Prof Sara Cantillon.

Sara is a member of three research clusters in the department: Feminist Political Economy and Development, Food Nutrition and Health in Development and International Financial Institutions, Neoliberalism and Knowledge.

Sara was trained in Economics at SOAS University of London (MSc, PhD) and worked as a Lecturer in Economics at the University of the West of England, Bristol as well as a Research Associate at King’s College London.

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