Nicolas Aguila

Nicolás Águila holds a BA in Economics from the Universidad de Buenos Aires where he was TA of Gender and Economics and Microeconomics for Economists. He is coordinator of YSI-INET “States and Markets” Working Group. His research interests include History of Economic Thought, Economic Methodology, Current Heterodox Approaches (Marxian Economics and Feminist Economics), International Finance, International Political Economy and Economic Impacts of Globalization. His research was awarded by the Argentine Central Bank.

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Young Scholars Initiative Early Career Days, Second Session

Event Conference | Mar 11–12, 2022

As young scholars we are confronted with many challenges: publishing, teaching, the job market, work-life balance and institutional barriers, often we face these demands alone and without much institutional or even moral support.

Young Scholars Initiative Early Career Days

Event Conference | Nov 18–20, 2021

publishing • the job market • writing • teaching • mental health • work-life balance