Nick Pinkston

Nick Pinkston is passionate about creating value to society by solving real problems. Using tools from startup companies to community events, his goal is to democratize the means of production to allow physical products to be created as easily as an iPhone app. He is interested in connecting with others in startups, tech, and social entrepreneurship. Available to help new / young founders, and also to give talks about the specialties: Early-Stage Startups, Product Development, Manufacturing, Maker Movement, 3D Printing, Open Hardware / Manufacturing, Esoteric Knowledge.

He is also the founder of Plethora - a rapid manufacturing service with tools that let you design for manufacturability inside your CAD software, and then let you make them using a flexible manufacturing system. Previously, Nick started CloudFab: the world’s first manufacturing-as-a-service API, and also HackPittsburgh: a collective workshop for the makers of Pittsburgh.