Joris Tieleman

Joris Tieleman is co-founder of the student movement Rethinking Economics in the Netherlands, which campaigns for a broader, more realistic and more socially relevant economics education. He has previously published “Thinking like an Economist?”, a systematic analysis of economics curricula in the Netherlands. Currently he and his colleagues are following that up with the project “Economy Studies”, a book containing proposals of how to improve economics curricula in universities worldwide. This project has received support from the ISRF Flexible Grants for Small Groups (F5).

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Young Scholars Initiative Early Career Days, Second Session

Event Conference | Mar 11–12, 2022

As young scholars we are confronted with many challenges: publishing, teaching, the job market, work-life balance and institutional barriers, often we face these demands alone and without much institutional or even moral support.

Young Scholars Initiative Early Career Days

Event Conference | Nov 18–20, 2021

publishing • the job market • writing • teaching • mental health • work-life balance