Heske van Doornen


Heske van Doornen is Director for the Young Scholars Initiative. She joined the Institute after helping to organize the Festival for New Economic Thinking in Edinburgh in 2017.

Heske holds an MSc in Economic Theory and Policy from the Levy Economics Institute and a BA in Economics from Bard College. She’s also the co-founder of the blog Economic Questions, a blog for young scholars, by young scholars.

Her research interests include the future of work, innovation, gender, and inequality, among other things.

Beyond her role at the Institute, she loves to read, write, and take long walks with the dog.

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Young Scholars Initiative Early Career Days, Second Session

Event Conference | Mar 11–12, 2022

As young scholars we are confronted with many challenges: publishing, teaching, the job market, work-life balance and institutional barriers, often we face these demands alone and without much institutional or even moral support.

Young Scholars Initiative Early Career Days

Event Conference | Nov 18–20, 2021

publishing • the job market • writing • teaching • mental health • work-life balance