Ashindi Maxton

Ashindi Maxton is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Donors of Color Network. In this role and others Ashindi has developed funding strategies informing more than $100 million in investments from foundations and individual donors towards racial justice and a more inclusive democracy. Projects she created or co-created include the Reflective Democracy Campaign, the Youth Engagement Fund, and New Media Ventures.

She was recognized by Inside Philanthropy as “Donor Organizer of the Year” as a member of the co-founding team of the Donors of Color Network. She has also been listed three times to Washington Magazine’s “Young and the Guest List” of “forty and under geniuses, visionaries, crusaders and innovators shaping Washington’s future” and the “NAACP Power 40” list of most influential African-Americans under forty. She serves on the boards of Voqal USA and Way to Win.

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