Podcast: Economics & Beyond


Music, its Commercialization, and Politics

May 6, 2021

Activist and poet John Sinclair and Rob Johnson discuss the early days of the counterculture, Sinclair’s role in MC5, and the transformation of music from art to commodity when the music industry’s commercial power blossomed in the early 1970s.


The New Climate War

Climate scientist Michael Mann discusses his new book, The New Climate War

Apr 22, 2021


The Future of Economics

Mar 25, 2021


The Master Algorithm

Mar 22, 2021


The Pandemic Has Masked as Much as it Unmasked

Mar 3, 2021

Canadian investment manager and Levy Institute fellow Marshall Auerback surveys the current political and economic landscape, from the pandemic bailouts to climate change and the changing role of politicians


The Long-Overdue Revolution in Economic Thinking

Mar 1, 2021

University of Texas economist James K. Galbraith engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the many ways in which conventional economics has failed us, ranging from how to manage the post-pandemic economy, the role of finance, to the problems of inequality and climate change.


The Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal

UMass Amherst professor and PERI Co-Director Robert Pollin discusses his latest book that he co-authored with Noam Chomsky

Feb 25, 2021


Changing the Conversation on the Climate Emergency

David Fenton, founder of the progressive PR firm Fenton Communications

Feb 22, 2021


Can Biden Successfully Govern?

Feb 18, 2021


Dina Srinivasan: Tech Monopolies Need to Be Broken Up

Jan 28, 2021

Digital technology researcher and lawyer Dina Srinivasan discusses the ways in which digital tech companies such as Facebook and Google take advantage of their monopoly positions to the detriment of competition and of the public.


john powell: The Pandemic is a Missed Opportunity to Address Racial Disparities

Jan 25, 2021

INET board member and Othering & Belonging Institute Director john a. powell discusses the ways in which the pandemic intersects with racial inequality and how government policy could address both problems at the same time.


Seth Klein: How WWII Preparation Sets an Example for Confronting Climate Change

Dec 23, 2020

Public policy researcher and writer Seth Klein discusses his new book, A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, which looks at the example that the mobilization for World War II sets in terms of mobilizing society and resources for coping with an emergency.


Jayati Ghosh: Rescue Packages for Wealthy Corporations, not for Developing Countries

Dec 21, 2020

UMass Amherst Economics professor Jayati Ghosh talks about the massive unjustness of the so-called pandemic economic rescue packages, which continue to favor the world’s wealthiest while ignoring the dramatic plight of the developing world.


Richard Kozul-Wright and Orsola Costantini Discusses UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Report 2020

Nov 20, 2020

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s Richard Kozul-Wright and Orsola Costantini say we can continue misguided policy choices or collectively chart a new path that leads from recovery to a more resilient, more equal and more environmentally sustainable world.


Sarah Chayes: How Corrupt Elites Extract Wealth From Ordinary Americans

Nov 17, 2020

National security expert Sarah Chayes discusses her new book, On Corruption in America: and What Is at Stake. Chayes explores how corruption in U.S. state and society furthers and deepens inequality.


Dennis Kelleher: A Financial System That Extracts Wealth Instead of Creating It

Oct 13, 2020

Dennis Kelleher, President of the NGO Better Markets, outlines how the financial system is serving the wealthy, how it has been reformed in the past and how it can be reformed again to serve Main Street instead of Wall Street.