Podcast: Economics & Beyond


The Future of Economics

Mar 25, 2021

Tiger Gao, brilliant young host of the Princeton University podcast, Policy Punchline, interviews Rob Johnson about INET’s aims, the function of economics in academia, and the relationship between Silicon Valley culture and the latest technologies, among other things.


Changing the Conversation on the Climate Emergency

Feb 22, 2021

David Fenton, the founder of the progressive PR firm Fenton Communications, takes a close look at what needs to be done to improve how we talk about the climate emergency so that everyone listens and acts accordingly


Can Biden Successfully Govern?

Feb 18, 2021

American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner talks about how the faith in Democracy and in the state have suffered tremendously over the past two decades, how it can be restored, and what impact this loss of faith will have on the Biden presidency