The Restructuring of the World Automobile Industry

Sep 26, 2020 Download .ics


An INET organized panel under the auspices of the 2020 Trento Economic Festival

The world automobile industry is in crisis. Not only are there too many producers, but deep changes in production methods associated with the shift to greener forms of transportation make many current industrial processes and forms of working obsolete. How the world and individual countries will cope with these changes is very much an open question and is the subject of this panel, which took place on September 26, 2020.

All the discussions are in English; the first few minutes are translated.

The panel is coordinated by Eugenio Occorsio of La Repubblica

  1. Introduced by Thomas Ferguson at approximately 6:30 in the video
  2. Three presentations:
    1. Annamaria Simonazzi of Roma Tre University at 9:42
    2. Matteo Gaddi and Nadia Garbellini, both of the Fondazione Claudio Sabattini at 23:42
    3. Ryan Rafaty, of Oxford University’s Climate Change Unit, at 49:32
  3. Thomas Ferguson comments again at 1 hour, 05 min.