The Good Life

The Challenge of Progress in China Today

Sep 7–8, 2013 Download .ics

Shenzhen, China | Tsinghua University

Every nation faces the challenge of imagining what a good life means. Sound nutrition, shelter, health care, personal safety, social stability, security of savings, clean air and water, and the development of children are among the elements of what many envision as vital to a happy and healthy society.

The structures and policies needed to implement this vision are equally important. Financial market design, environmental innovation, social policies regarding migration from rural to urban areas, a social safety net, and quality education programs are the means to realize these goals.

Many dreams of development are confused by the promotion of policies that promise an illusory progress that may enrich a few but offer little contribution to the quality of life for society at large. In the West, the deification of wealth has created many problems along with any progress that has been achieved precisely because many of those nations have chosen to celebrate markets rather than measure them for their contribution to humanity’s needs.

China today, and in particular the Shenzhen/Qianhai region experimental zones, enjoys a great opportunity to enhance human development. The visions and policies created here can have great impact on the vitality of the region and the Chinese nation. Tsinghua University and the Institute for New Economic Thinking are inspired to team together to foster innovative ideas and humane policies that will lead to a dynamic, prosperous, and healthy future for China and the world.

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